Polyester Fiber

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Product specification:Road fiber / polyester fiber
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  • Polyester Fiber

Road fiber Introduction:

Polyester fiber is modified polyester chips by blending, spinning, anti-aging, lipophilic surface treatment, short processes are made. The polyester fiber has high strength modulus, heat resistance and good thermal stability, excellent performance and good compatibility with asphalt. When the fiber content is 0.4% mixture, a cubic meters of asphalt mixture contains billions of short fiber, it can improve asphalt concrete tensile strength, shear strength, compressive strength, impact strength, greatly improve the quality performance of asphalt pavement, the asphalt concrete has high temperature stability, low temperature cracking resistance, fatigue resistance performance, water stability, anti sliding performance, low noise operation.

Road fiber Mechanism of action

One Road fiber The function of reinforcement. Road fiber in the mixture in a three-dimensional dispersed phase, disordered distribution, overlapping of mixture formation network winding constraint function, so as to overcome the slippage between the particles and cracks.
Two Road fiber Have the function of dispersing. If there is no considerable amount of fiber asphalt powder could be dispersed uniformly in the micelle, not between aggregates, resulting in the existence of common pavement grease spots. The micelle dispersion fiber.
Three Road fiber The effect of asphalt with adsorption. Fiber material due to its large surface area, adsorption of bitumen in oil, so that the asphalt viscosity, adhesion is stronger, makes the structure of asphalt film thickness increases, according to the analysis, compared with the traditional mixture of asphalt film thickness 65%~113%.
Four Road fiber Has a stabilizing effect. The fiber significantly prevent asphalt flow, the asphalt in the stable state. Fiber to asphalt can hold strong, generally in high temperature above 130 DEG C, the excess will produce dripping on the surface of the fiber asphalt. Summer high temperature asphalt heat expansion, voids inside the fiber into the buffer, not to be free of asphalt and oil, to stabilize the mixture from high temperature.
Five Road fiber Has the effect of cracking resistance. The value of the modulus and high elongation fiber deformation ability, with effective stress distribution and crack resistance function, can prevent caused by excessive viscosity of asphalt mixture in the traditional low temperature embrittlement.
Six Road fiber With increasing the viscosity, improve the adhesive force. To increase the adhesion of asphalt and mineral material, through the bond film, improve the adhesive force between aggregates.

Road fiber With the main purpose
- it is not only suitable for stone mastic asphalt (SMA), is also suitable for dense graded asphalt concrete (AC) and (AM) the structure of asphalt macadam;
The dense graded asphalt concrete pavement;
Thin layer of asphalt concrete pavement - old asphalt concrete pavement (white and black);
The steel bridge paving asphalt concrete surface layer (steel + black);
The airport runway and apron strengthen;
The cold patch, pouring, along the road;
- for bridge deck pavement.

Road fiber With the main function

To improve the quality of asphalt concrete pavement and prolong the service life of the pavement;
- prevent the reflection cracks and temperature cracks of asphalt concrete pavement;
To prevent rutting of asphalt concrete pavement and pavement drainage;
- prevent the potholes in asphalt pavement caused by the pressure, to prevent water damage.

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