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  • Bitumen Anti-rutting Additive

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LDT-1 anti rutting additive Introduction:

High grade highway Chinese development speed and economic investment in the world, but most of the service life of the highway was only 3, 4 years, some even did not have a year there have been serious damage, the country in terms of manpower and material resources on the investment is too large. The rut problem usually appear in the first summer high temperature phase will, some pavement rutting depth is 10~50mm, some even more than 100mm, so that the road surface roughness variation, and soon crack net, pits, pits and other diseases. The main diseases of asphalt pavement, rut phenomenon is particularly prevalent, for the damage of the pavement is the most serious, greatly increased the cost of repairing the road. Changzhou leade new joint Mstar Technology Ltd related domestic research institutes to develop the LDT-1 anti rutting agent, to provide practical and effective economical means for solving the phenomenon of rutting of asphalt pavement.

A, LDT-1 anti rutting additive The basic performance

LDT-1 anti rutting agent was dark, solid, granular.

Table 1 - LDT-1 anti rutting additive:

Project indicators

The particle size is less than 6 mm (mm)

The density of 0.91 ~ 1.10 gr/cm3 (gr/cm3)

The softening point (c) 140 ~ 150 C

Melt index (g/10min) 7----10

Anti rutting agent for the fiber polymer, wherein the fiber polymer component is greater than 95%, filler composition is less than 5%.

Two, LDT-1 anti rutting additive The mechanism of action

LDT-1 anti rutting additive by four to achieve the effect of the modified asphalt mixture:

Mixing pot 1. asphalt mixture, in 170 ~ 180 DEG C, firstly with aggregate dry mix, to soften, add to asphalt mixing, cementation forming additive particles and asphalt, the asphalt performance is improved. To improve the softening point of asphalt; reduces the sensitivity to temperature; increase the adhesion of asphalt and mineral aggregate.

The 2. block squeezing effect: the additive particles in the construction process because of the role of high-temperature softening, thermal forming of these particles in the rolling process, the equivalent of a high adhesion of a single particle size of fine aggregate filler inlay onto the aggregate skeleton in the gap, increase the effect of asphalt mixture skeleton structure, strengthen the interaction between the mixture and the mixture between the more closely, reducing the permeability of the molding surface, while increasing the ability of cementation of asphalt mixture under load: additive input.

3.: because the reinforcement effect of polymer additives in the formation of micro crystalline region with considerable stiffness, it is part of the process of mixing drawing into a plastic fiber, in the aggregate skeleton inside the bypass formed by crosslinking the role of fiber reinforcement. Since the polymer fiber, which form a mesh material in the cement, slag cement reinforced asphalt material system interaction and integrity.

4. deformation recovery: elastic component of rutting of asphalt mixture additive is king of the flexible part of the pavement deformation recovery at high temperatures, thus reducing the molding of asphalt pavement permanent deformation.

LDT-1 anti rutting additive After the process of mixing and mixture, the comprehensive effect of impact and shear the hot mineral aggregate particles in the bottom, to achieve the four additive process, change the performance of asphalt mixture, to improve and improve.

Three, LDT-1 anti rutting additive Addition and process

Dosage of LDT-1 anti rutting additive for asphalt mixture from 0.3 to 0.5%. That is a ton asphalt mixture with 3 ~ 5kg. For the road is generally mixed with 0.35 - 0.4% per ton asphalt mixes 3.5 - 4kg. The traffic volume is large, heavy vehicles and more high limit. Special sections may be added by 0.6%.

Four, LDT-1 anti rutting additive The scope of application

Highway, heavy traffic, vehicles, where the Regional Airport runway, bus lanes, industrial ground, container stacking space requirements under heavy load roads and venues.

Using the technology of LDT-1 anti rutting additive has the advantages of simple and convenient, through the mixing process of asphalt mixture added directly:

1. the aggregate heated to 170 to 180 DEG C, the additive directly into the mixing pot for dry mixing, the mixing time can be increased from 2 to 3 seconds

2. continue to add hot asphalt mixing, the mixing time can be relatively increased

3. the product mixture quality control and storage of transport by conventional mixture

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