Bitumen Anti-stripping Agent

Product model:
Product specification:Asphalt anti stripping agent
Application range:
  • Bitumen Anti-stripping Agent

Product introduction

XT-1 Asphalt anti stripping agent is the use of American technology to produce the "new environmentally friendly non amine" asphalt anti stripping agent, can also apply to the two kinds of acid and alkali stone organic polymer compounds. The product is suitable for asphalt and polymer modified asphalt, SBS Modified asphalt, improve the resistance of asphalt pavement water damage ability.

Performance characteristics

1, Strong adaptability;

2, High temperature decomposition (more than not Three hundred C), good thermal stability;

3, Good compatibility with all kinds of asphalt;

4, Environmental protection, safety, aging;

The main technical indicators




Brown viscous liquid

Flash point (c)


(the proportion of Twenty-five C)

One . Zero point two

(c) failure temperature



Safety, environmental protection, non-toxic, no smell, no pollution, non flammable


Asphalt and basalt acid stone adhesion grade from One ~ Three To improve the level of Four ~ Five level

Immersion residual stability (Marshall % )


Freeze-thaw splitting strength ( % )


Product performance

Non amine


1, Usage 0.3-0.4% (accounting for the proportion of hot asphalt). The usage refers to the heavy traffic asphalts and basalt acidic aggregate ratio of the amount of. If the modified asphalt dosage may be less.

2, Can be directly added to the hot asphalt, two cycles is fully mixed with asphalt pump, without special agitator.


Usually 200kg Drum.

Keep in storage

This product is placed in a cool ventilated place storage period of two years.

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