Bitumen Warm Mixing Agent

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Product specification:Asphalt mixture
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  • Bitumen Warm Mixing Agent

A SMIN Is a kind of fine particles can flow for the production of warm mix asphalt ( NTA The additive).

ASMIN The method is based on MHI The group and the EUROVIA Long term research and development.

In the mixing process of asphalt mixture, the powdered material added to it, so that the continuous asphalt foaming reaction. Foam acts as a lubricant, so as to make the mixture at low temperature ( One hundred and twenty ~ One hundred and thirty C) with mixing of. ASMIN Contains 20% The crystal water in Eighty-five Degrees above water loss, and make the asphalt foaming. By adding ASMIN Road and construction of asphalt mixture can be mixed at very low temperatures and processing. Therefore, in the production of asphalt mixture has been a significant reduction in energy consumption. ASMIN The use of reduced obviously in the process of mixing Carbon dioxide ( CO2 ), nitric oxide (NOx) And the emission of volatile organic compounds. The amount, also can greatly reduce the paving process of steam discharge.

Because the pavement temperature low and significantly reduce the harm to the smell of construction working conditions has been greatly improved. In addition, the pavement temperature reduced to those in time can be quickly delivered by engineering.

In addition, the asphalt mixture regeneration and harsh weather conditions in the area can also be ASMIN As the auxiliary material is put into use. In its forms. ASMIN Not only can be easily operated, and can be combined with all kinds of material mixed use. ASMIN Do not need to prolong mixing time and can guarantee the full load operation of the equipment.

Effect of low temperature asphalt mixture:

- Make a contribution to protecting the environment, reduce carbon dioxide ( CO2 ), nitric oxide (NOx) And the emission of volatile organic compounds.

- better working condition

- Energy saving and resource optimization

- Prolong the service life of the mixture

- The low temperature mixing and mixing equipment and optimization of pavement paving equipment

- Shorten the traffic opening time by rapid cooling has been paving mixture

ASMIN The other advantage:

One With all the ordinary binder and mixture type

Two The operation method is simple and stable storage

Three Simply add

Four Without additional asphalt tank

Five No need to prolong mixing time

Six The manual contains paving ASMIN The low temperature of asphalt mixture is also no problem

Seven No change in global value

Hot mix asphalt mixture ASMIN The use of:

But as everyone knows in the use of warm mix asphalt mixture in the past ASMIN It has been used as processing aids used in hot mix asphalt mixture. The use of:

- Low external temperature

- Far and long waiting time delivery area

- High stability of binder and mixture type / thin layer

- Manual compaction

An engineering example:

The Federal Republic of Germany A3 Highway bridge pavement structure: Gussasphalt paving time: Two thousand and four

The Federal Republic of Germany B49 Highway pavement structure: SMA , paving time: 2004-2005

The French RD811 Highway pavement structure: GB , paving time: Two thousand and seven

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