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I. Introduction

Two thousand and thirteen year Twelve month Twelve Day, general secretary Xi Jinping in the "working conference" central towns in his speech stressed: "to enhance the city drainage system should give priority to the limited rainfall stay, plus more use of the forces of nature and drainage, construction of natural deposits, natural infiltration and natural purification of the sponge city".

What is the city that the city can sponge, sponge like, has a good "elastic" in adapting to environmental changes and respond to natural disasters caused by rain and so on, can also be called "elastic water city". The general term for "international construction of low impact development of rainwater system". When it rains, water storage, water seepage, water purification, water storage will need to "release" and the upgrading of city ecological system function and reduce the flood disaster in the city.

According to the general office of the State Council Two thousand and fifteen year Ten February issued "guidance on promoting the construction of" sponge city (hereinafter referred to as "guidance") pointed out that the construction of the sponge City, give full play to the natural ecological functions and artificial intervention, effective control of stormwater runoff, realize natural accumulation, natural infiltration and natural net of city development, is conducive to the restoration of water ecology, city conservation of water resources, enhance the city waterlogging ability, expand effective investment of public goods, improving the quality of new urbanization, promote the harmonious development of man and nature.

The "guidance" clearly, through the sponge city construction, minimizing the impact on city development and construction of the ecological environment, the 70% The local consumption and utilization of rainfall. from Two thousand and fifteen Since the city district to fully implement the sponge city construction requirements; according to the old urban shanty towns and urban and rural reconstruction, the old district of organic renewal, in order to solve the city waterlogging, rainwater collection and treatment of black and odorous water as a breakthrough, promote the overall regional governance, and gradually realize the rain is not water, not water, not black rain waterlogging smelly, relieve the heat island. In addition to vigorously promote the sponge sponge type building and residential area, road and square, promote the city drainage facilities construction and waterlogged point transformation, the implementation of rain and sewage diversion, scientific layout and construction of rainwater storage facilities. Vigorously promote the sponge type park and green space, consumptive own rainwater, and provide space for storage and the surrounding area rainwater, strengthen the protection and ecological restoration of rivers and lakes, ponds, wetlands and other city water.

In the past, the city construction land will often pursue the boundless plain, flat and filling the lake. According to "technical guidelines" construction of sponge City, affected the country should maximize the protection of rivers and lakes, wetlands, ponds, ditches and other original "sponge" from development activities; the destruction of the "sponge" should also be through the application of physical, biological and ecological means gradually restored, the ecological space and maintain a certain proportion. According to "technical guidelines" construction of sponge city building to the city, sponge city building, residential area, road, square and green construction as the carrier. For example, let the city roof "green", "green" in the roof rainwater retention at the same time also play on energy saving and emission reduction, UHI mitigation effect. City roads, squares, sidewalks can be used in pavement drainage.

Two, Drainage asphalt pavement antiskid noise introduced

One And what is the drainage asphalt pavement antiskid noise?

Drainage asphalt pavement (commonly known as skid noise OGFC Permeable pavement pavement,) is a kind of interconnected voids open graded mixture pavement, mainly by using aggregate gradation adjustment between porosity to improve thickness 20% About to drop in on the road can be quickly ruled out by a large number of water gap, avoid road surface water and water film formed on the pavement, in order to improve pavement anti slide performance and reduce splashing rain. It has excellent drainage, skid resistance and noise reduction function, for the new ecological pavement asphalt concrete pavement technology is a safe, environmentally friendly, can be very good solve problems in highway construction in china.

Two The drainage function, characteristics of antiskid noise reducing asphalt pavement

1) To effectively solve the phenomenon of road surface water

Drainage is an important characteristic of asphalt concrete pavement noise reduction drainage, rainwater can flow through the gap within the surface layer, without the formation of water film and the runoff on the surface, thus slowing the flood disaster.

2) Reinforced pavement anti-skid function, improve traffic safety

Drainage asphalt concrete pavement noise reduction can effectively reduce the surface water in the rainy days, increase road and vehicle tire adhesion, prevent car hydroplaning during driving, inhibit the impact of vehicle fog splash sight, rainy day to reduce road glare phenomenon, thereby greatly improving the safety of driving in the rain. According to statistics, the pavement drainage noise of asphalt concrete pavement, decrease traffic accident rate 85% .

Three To reduce environmental noise)

Drainage asphalt concrete pavement and asphalt pavement noise were compared under the same conditions, OGFC Can reduce the noise than ordinary asphalt pavement 3-5dB .

Three Drainage asphalt concrete road face material requirements

Compared with the traditional dense graded asphalt concrete, asphalt mixture of coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, particles can not form interlocking strong mixture, relying mainly on the strength of the combination of bonding material. In addition due to the large gap characteristics of drainage asphalt pavement to make it more easily eroded by the sun, air and water. The resulting mixture durability problems and reduce the permeability loss. In order to ensure the continuity and durability of asphalt concrete pavement drainage function of noise reduction, You must select high-quality aggregate and high viscous asphalt binder.

Four The typical pavement structure design and drainage

Drainage type OGFC The pavement structure layer generally include the following: the drainage asphalt mixture, emulsified (upper layer modified emulsified asphalt waterproof adhesive layer) and dense graded asphalt concrete surface layer, dense graded asphalt concrete layer below, semi-rigid base and subbase. OGFC It is generally a thick layer of pavement 4 - 5cm But according to the engineering conditions, location, traffic and traffic volume, drainage requirements, should be considered to choose a different thickness.

The following structure and drainage design:

Three, OGFC Study on the color of porous asphalt pavement

OGFC The color of porous asphalt pavement is the use of high viscosity modified asphalt, color pigments and large voids (usually in 20% About) color pavement paved with high-quality aggregate, it has excellent drainage, skid resistance and noise reduction function, for the new ecological pavement asphalt concrete pavement technology is a safe, environmentally friendly, very suitable for the national construction of the sponge city.

OGFC Besides the color of porous asphalt pavement, drainage, anti-skid, noise and other functions, but also have the following function:

( One Different traffic interval division)

The color of porous asphalt pavement can divide different traffic color change interval, which is favorable for traffic safety. The color of porous asphalt pavement has become an important means to promote the development of public transport, with the wide application of this measure, will play an important role in promoting the rapid development of the city public transportation in china.

( Two Warning)

In turn, the steep slope road diversion confluence, crossroads, tunnel, pedestrian crossing population, children's School Road, bridge, toll station, gas station, even with deeper rut outside the special sections or place relies on using color or light colored pavement pavement, to contrast the road asphalt pavement, tips special warning traffic conditions, enables the driver to slow down, to avoid traffic accidents.

( Three Relieve fatigue)

In recent years, people attach great importance to the design of the road line, terrain, environment and road line integration, so as to improve driving conditions, improve the driving efficiency. However, despite the good linear design improved along the road landscape from a certain extent, but the driver looked up or the road itself in the process of moving, dull black or grey white road in the face of the nervous system has a calming effect, will weaken the driver's attention. At this time, if the pavement pavement is appropriate to change the color, can effectively attract the driver's attention, relieve fatigue, to keep a clear mind, reduce traffic accidents.

( Four Beautify the street space environment)

The color of porous asphalt pavement can effectively beautify the street space environment, its strong visual effect can make people have unique feelings of passion, to impress people, meet people deep psychological needs for beauty. It can create a warm and pleasant atmosphere, make the street space more humane and fun, attract people gathered, all kinds of public activities, the street space has become a city high quality living space of people love.

Four, ordinary color asphalt and OGFC The difference of color asphalt


Ordinary color asphalt

OGFC Colored asphalt


Dense gradation

Open graded

Water permeability


5% About

20% About

Coarse aggregate



Fine aggregate



Skid resistance



The color of life

3-5 year

8-10 year

Five, OGFC The color of asphalt products

LD Our company is the development of high grade highway to meet the requirement of our country, an independent research and development of high viscosity asphalt modifier. Look for the yellow or black particles, its use can be added to the asphalt in the preparation of high viscosity asphalt or is directly added to the stone mixing production of high viscosity asphalt mixture.

The preparation of high viscosity asphalt mixture durability, high temperature stability, anti aging performance is significantly improved, with high anti flying, water resistance, weatherability and resistance to flow. use JM High viscosity asphalt preparation is mainly used for paving drainage (anti sliding noise reduction OGFC ) color pavement, porous asphalt pavement, stress absorbing layer, waterproof adhesive layer, high viscosity asphalt SMA .

Six, technical analysis

One , LD Modifier properties of high viscosity asphalt test results

Test items

actual measurement



yellow / black


The particle size ( Mm )


Not more than Five

The density ( G/cm3 )

Zero point nine


Water absorption rate ( % )

Zero point three

less than 1%

Two , LD High viscosity modified asphalt performance index

Test items

JM High viscosity asphalt Additive

National standard

The softening point (c)


> Eighty

(penetration Twenty-five C, 0.1mm )


> Forty

Ductility ( Fifteen C, CM )

> One hundred

> Fifty

One hundred and thirty-five C viscosity (Pa A. S)

Two point two one three

< Three

Toughness (N A. M)

Thirty-one point four

> Twenty

toughness (N A. M)

Twenty-one point two

> Fifteen

Film heating quality change rate ( % )

Zero point two eight

Less than or equal to Zero point six

The penetration rate (residual film heating % )


More than Sixty-five

Sixty Viscosity (c Pa A. S )

One hundred and eighty-one thousand eight hundred and twenty-six

> Twenty thousand

Note: the matrix asphalt 70# Road asphalt.

From the data in the table can be seen, LD High viscosity modified asphalt Additive High softening point, Sixty At high viscosity, penetration, the heat resistance is improved, the temperature sensitivity is improved, the temperature sensitivity decreased, adhesion of asphalt and aggregate and the bond strength is improved.

Three The test results and high viscosity modified asphalt mixture material properties

Mixture type

The water intrusion (Marshall residual stability ratio % )

Freeze-thaw splitting tensile strength ratio ( % )

Low temperature ( -10 C The bending failure strain) ( M E )

Dynamic stability

(time /mm )


Eighty-eight point six

Ninety-two point eight

Three thousand six hundred and eighty-six

Five thousand four hundred and twenty-nine

From the data in the table can be seen, LD High viscosity modified asphalt mixture crack resistance and water stability performance of high temperature stability, low temperature can be improved obviously.

Seven, Ordinary color asphalt and OGFC The economic analysis of color of porous asphalt

One In general, AC Estimation of color asphalt concrete cost

- Stone: One hundred and forty element /T

- Aggregate ratio: 5.8%

- Colored asphalt: Ten thousand element /T

- Red toner: Eight thousand and five hundred element /T

- High viscosity asphalt Additive Thirty-five thousand element /T

- High viscosity Adding asphalt Agent for mixture quality 0.3-0.8%

Red toner content is as 2.5% When the color of asphalt pavement cost estimation:

A ton of ordinary color asphalt concrete:

( One hundred and forty * One + One * Five point eight % * Ten thousand + One * 2.5% * Eight thousand and five hundred (). One + One * Five point eight % One * 2.5% ) =861.03 element

Two , OGFC Estimation of color pervious asphalt concrete cost

Red toner content is as 2.5% When the high viscosity modified asphalt mixture for the recommended dosage 0.5-0.8% Compared with ordinary asphalt in terms of color, OGFC The color of porous asphalt increased cost 175-280 element / Tons of mixture, the other unchanged.

The above calculation comparison reference. Material specific price decision according to the actual situation.

Eight, part of the project case

Hubei province Xiaoxiang highway pavement test section (laying Two thousand and five point nine )

Anhui Chizhou city transformation Section Xiamen five road bridge pavement engineering

Sponge City pavement of high viscosity asphalt additives

Sponge city demonstration project in Chizhou City Qi Shan Avenue South Reconstruction Project EPC project

Build the sponge City

Asphalt mixing station

Shanghai Jinshui construction (Group) Co. Ltd.

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