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With the development of highway in China, the number of tunnels are increasing, traffic accidents caused by fire is a problem which must be considered in the process of tunnel asphalt pavement. First of all, burning asphalt melting, dripping flowing, then burn, bead by bead on combustion, flow, resulting in the fire spread, causing fire. The physical and chemical processes of asphalt combustion is an exothermic decomposition, the decomposition of hydrogen, methane, benzene and alkanes of flammable gas combustion in the combustion gas, and further accelerate the decomposition of asphalt, in addition, a lot of smoke generated in the tunnel in a closed environment and harmful gas to people and environment also caused great harm.

To solve the difficult problem of burning of asphalt asphalt, we must first solve the insoluble drops when heated, flowing, and improve the decomposition temperature of asphalt melting point increase in combustion gas decomposition components or inhibit the increase in membrane composition combustion, in order to improve the combustion oxygen index to.

AMP, the company's production of flame retardant asphalt using a variety of efficient flame retardant and smoke suppressant together to solve the addition amount of flame retardant asphalt asphalt flame retardant reached less to ensure the asphalt pavement performance is not affected by. The flame retardant effect:

1) to absorb a large amount of heat, the heat transfer chain blocking and reduce the surface temperature of combustible materials.

2) elimination of oxidation produced in the early stage of the free radical (HO and H), inhibit the chain reaction occurred.

3) heat release large amounts of non combustible gases covered in asphalt surface, cut off the heat, combustible gas and oxygen transfer to the asphalt, and the content of combustible gas dilution.

4) the formation of carbide layer nonflammable coking in asphalt surface, oxygen and combustible contact termination combustion, produce self extinguishing, fire retardant and smoke suppression to achieve.

AMP high performance asphalt flame retardant technology index:

P2O5 (%)

> 2

The decomposition temperature (c)

> 270

N (%)

> 8

Endothermic temperature (c)

> 250

MgO (%)




AL2O3 (%)

> 18

particle size

< 10 m

Density (g/cm3)

> 2

The color of the surface


The comparison of the general performance of the modified asphalt and AMP modified asphalt of flame retardant:

Technical indicators

Common modified asphalt

Flame retardant modified asphalt

The penetration of 15 DEG C, 100g, 5S (0.1mm)

Twenty-one point six

Eighteen point five

The penetration of 25 DEG C, 100g, 5S (0.1mm)

Forty-seven point five


The penetration of 35 DEG C, 100g, 5S (0.1mm)

Sixty-four point one

Fifty-one point one

5 degrees C (mm).



The softening point of TR&B (c)



Penetration index PI

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