Self-illuminating Art Landscape Pavement

1.Product introduction:

Self-luminous colored stone is made of high-purity natural ore and rare earth as raw materials. It is made by high temperature physical method. After illuminated by natural light or visible light for several minutes, self-illuminated colored stone can emit more than ten hours at a time. Geometric shape and body color like jade. According to the different colors of luminous colored stones and different luminous colors, you can design a variety of colorful pictures and patterns.



Garden landscape, interior and exterior decoration

Highway, bike lane

City square, villa courtyard

Starry sky, starry sky meadow



(1) High strength and weather resistance

Acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, toughness, high strength

(2) Safety and environmental protection

Non-radioactive, anti-pollution, easy to clean

(3) Durable

High luminous brightness and long afterglow time. After several minutes of visible light irradiation, it can emit more than eight hours at a time.

(4) Indication lighting

It can replace street lights at night and play the role of indicating lighting.


4.Construction skills: 

Self-luminous colored stone pouring (special colored stone adhesive, resin, curing agent and casting stone are blended in this example)

150 thick C20 concrete cushion (the cushion is fully dried and cleaned)

150 thick and with sandstone cushion 

1.Cushion cleaning

2.Graphics preparation and split bar processing

3. Large area paving

4. Special graphics processing

5. Protected gel stone

6. Hardening and gloss effect


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