Colored Asphalt Pavement

Construction Notes:

1. The recommended amount of colored asphalt cement is 5 ~ 7%, the amount of pigment is about 2 ~ 3%.

2. Wherever the cementitious materials need to be contacted (asphalt tanks, oil inlet / return oil pipes, asphalt pumps, mixing tanks, transport vehicles, paving equipment and tools, etc.), they need to be cleaned or replaced. Rolling is carried out according to the conventional standard rolling method of black asphalt pavement.

3. The cementing material is heated to 160 ~ 180℃ before mixing.The discharge temperature of the mixture should not be too high. Generally, it should be controlled at about 160℃. According to the actual situation of the project and the mixing station (the amount of work, progress, weather, Transportation distance, etc.), determine to raise or lower the discharge temperature appropriately, but the minimum cannot be lower than 150℃ and the maximum cannot exceed 180℃Before paving, the temperature of the mixture (that is, the temperature at the construction site) must be above 140℃. The initial pressure temperature must not be lower than 120℃, and the final pressure temperature must not be lower than 90℃.

4. When the temperature is lower than 10℃, it is not suitable for the construction of colored asphalt mixture pavement. For construction at temperatures between 0 and 10℃ , effective measures must be taken to ensure the quality of the construction. Construction should not be carried out in winters below 0℃ and in high winds, and colored asphalt concrete should not be paved on rainy days.


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